Family Smith

I made a game! I was so annoyed/impressed by movieposters I saw everywhere, I wanted to do the same!!!

Field Report

A couple of month ago I cooperated with Jeremy Lonien on a little game for the Ludum Dare Game Jam #25. The theme was “You are the Villain” and we made a reverse Dating simulator.

Here you can play it.

The idea was to mock the cheap dating simulator flash games and make somewhat of a commentary on sexism and power structures in these games (and maybe games in general). It’s no masterpiece, but I’m kinda proud of it, considering we did in within three days, being the first one just coming up with and throwing away ideas. I love these little fast produced projects, because they show, how easily you can actually get a ‘product’.

Being undead in Cologne

I wasn’t updating for more then two weeks now, and if anyone would been reading this, this would have been a bad thing. So — I’ll just give you a little information what I’m currently working on.
I’m back from Colombia, back in Cologne for a month already, and I’m back on a project I kind of abandoned over there.
Last winter I carried a camera with me whereever I went to document all the undead events and incidents that are common in Köln, especially in winter. Just to name a few: Christmas, New Years Eve, and especially Karneval.

So now I’ve got a LOT of material, really good stuff, but a LOT (!) and I’m trying to get it all in order and find a way to deal with it.

Zombies are so ungrateful.

I don’t own this image. Courtesy Stan Lee or EC comics. Couldn’t find out.

Kritzeleien II


Another comic-exercice I did during my studies in Colombia. It’s loosely based on the experience of being robbed, but turned into a sci-fi story.